Amanda Byne’s Secret Twitter Filled With Violent, Disturbing Tweets — Is It Real Or Just A Stunt?


Amanda Bynes, what a trainwreck.

Recently, reports have been circulating that Bynes has opened a secret Twitter account under the username @Persiannyc27. The secret account is filled with dark and violent tweets that resemble many of the thoughts found on Bynes originally account @AmandaBynes. Bynes’ downward spiral began in 2012 following her DUI arrest, and in recent months Bynes has stunned fans with her drastic change of appearance, her reported drug use, her Twitter feuds with almost every celebrity in Hollywood and her overall erratic behavior.


Many media outlets are seeing Byne’s secret Twitter as a strong indicator that she is suffering from schizophrenia, and that to control the “voices in her head,” Bynes is using another Twitter account to express her numerous personalities. Many of the tweets on the @Persiannyc27 account have been retweeted by Bynes herself. But is it all real or just a stunt to help the struggling actress come back from her failed stint in “retirement”? Only time will tell the actress’s true intentions, but from where we sit, it seems pretty clear that Bynes is in desperate need of some help — or an exorcism.

Hollywood, got to love it:

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