Anchorwoman Almost Dies After Hearing Reporter Drop Rare ‘Double F Bombs’ on Live TV [VIDEO]

Local news reporters are some of the most fascinating people in the world to me because they are in this weird limbo where they are like celebrities, but they don’t really get any of the perks, money or jet-setting lifestyle. And so you run into them in places like McDonald’s and they act fake nice as if you actually might want their autograph. But you don’t.

This video is pure gold, not because the foxy in-the-field reporter drops the rare “double f bomb” on a live broadcast, but because the anchorwoman about dies from shock after hearing it. It’s almost as if hearing that word transported her back to a different, wilder time … back when she was in college … and that man in that rust-colored convertible drove up … and his one hand was in his lap …

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