Bangladesh Lifts YouTube Ban Months After Anti-Islam Video Protests


The Bangladeshi government announced Wednesday that has lifted its ban on YouTube, months after an incendiary anti-Islam video sparked protests in the Muslim world, Reuters reported.

Some Muslim-majority countries have blocked parts or all of YouTube in response to the 13-minute “Innocence of Muslims” video, which follows the life of the prophet Muhammad. Many scenes in the film depict him and his followers as violent child molesters. Many of the countries that have banned YouTube stated that the film’s depiction of Muhammad and its portrayal of Muslims were blasphemous.

Sunil Kanti Bose, head of the Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory, explained their decision to bring YouTube back to their country to Reuters: “The ban has been lifted as it was hurting thousands of people who use YouTube for good purposes such as educational or research.”

While Bangladesh has lifted its ban on YouTube, Pakistan is still sticking with its ban on the video-streaming site. In April, the government announced that the ban would remain in place until YouTube removed “Innocence of Muslims” from its website. As of today, the video is still available to watch.

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