Beckie0: Inspiring The World One Video At A Time [YOUTUBE NEXT VLOGGER SERIES 2013]


There is a video of Rebecca Brown (Beckie0) that was posted four years ago that is incredibly hard to watch. In the video, the then 16-year-old spends the first minute simply trying to work up the courage to start what she is trying to do. Finally, after some genuine panic, Rebecca begins speaking about her hair loss condition Trichotillomania.

“Trich is basically the pulling out of one’s hair. God, that sounds so posh,” Rebecca explains in the video, “There are different types of pulling. You can pull out your eyebrows, your eyelashes, but personally I just pull out my hair.”

The video is hard to watch for a variety of reasons, chief among them is Rebecca’s at first nervous but then unflinching transparency when talking about her condition. That unflinching honesty carries through most of her channel as well, especially as many of her videos document the struggles that come from Trichotillomania.

It’s tough to believe that any person would be this comfortable sharing every detail of their life with the internet, but somehow, Rebecca does it. It’s what makes her so endearing and a perfect candidate for YouTube’s personal triumph-themed Next Vlogger series 2013.

About YouTube Next Vlogger Series 2013:

YouTube gave its yearly shoutout back in April for motivated YouTube creators with “stories of personal triumph” to apply for their Next Vlogger award — a sort of spotlight program for YouTube stars-in-the-making. This year, they’ve selected 15 unique voices from around the world that are challenging the way we think, wowing us or just plain making us laugh. In exchange for that, the recipients get mentoring from industry leaders, $4,000 worth of equipment and channel promotion.

NMR always wants to give you the first and best look at emerging talent, so we’ve reached out to these creators for a little more info on just who they are and why you should be paying attention. Past winners of the Next Vlogger award include Danisnotonfire and Black Nerd Comedy, so this 2013 class is definitely full of up-and-coming creators to keep an eye on.

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