BFI Future Film YouTube Course Helps Smaller British Creators Improve Content

YouTube and the British Film Institute are helping emerging creators with a week-long course designed to help them improve their YouTube skills.

The free BFI Future Film YouTube Course will take place at the YouTube Space London and at BFI Southbank in London from July 12 to 18. Creators will learn how to shoot and edit high-quality videos at the Space, which will be screened at the BFI Cinema for online video industry experts and insiders. In addition, content creators will get to take part in panels with high-profile British creators as well as communicate with American YouTube creators via Google Hangouts.

Ali Jardine, a UK-based YouTube creator, told NMR that he brought YouTube and the BFI together because of his past experience as an intern for the education department of BFI. He said that smaller creators face difficulties getting the mentorship and experience they need to succeed since programs like NextUp require a minimum number of subscribers.

He said: “I looked at something like NextUp, which required people to have a minimum of 5,000 subscribers, and you had to mobilise that audience to vote for your video. Then after that they would teach audience development strategies?! It seemed crazy to me, when there were so many talented creators who could’ve used that help so much more.”

Jardine hopes that the BFI Future Film YouTube Course will increase the technical quality of videos and increase collaborations with fellow YouTubers.

He explained: “When I started on YouTube in 2007, there was a sense that we were all in it together, and I don’t think that’s as much a thing anymore, sometimes it can feel very lonely for a new creator on YouTube. So this course is my little attempt to recapture that feeling of community.”

Interested creators can sign up here until July 7 to reserve a spot on the week-long course. See Ali explain the BFI Future Film YouTube Course in the video above.

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