Brace Yourselves: More Memes Are Coming With Imgur’s Memegen Tool


Imgur wants to be the internet’s image source. The image host, which is the preferred choice for Redditors worldwide, is now in the business of helping produce memes as a way to feed more content on the site. Imgur launched its own meme generator called Memegen where users can choose from dozens of popular memes and add their own captions.

Imgur users can choose from classics like Annoyed Picard, Brace Yourselves, First World Problems and NMR favorite Overly Attached Girlfriend. Once they’ve chosen their meme, they can change text and submit it to the public memes gallery or just share it amongst their friends.

Alternatively, if Imgur users have an original meme worth sharing, users can upload their own background and write their own captions.

Imgur has been trying to improve the user experience in the past few months by rolling out a new interface, and just this week, the image host launched its first mobile app for Android devices.

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