Break Media Launches ‘Prototype’ Contest – A New Way To Give Hollywood-Minded YouTubers $20,000 [VIDEO]

Break Media has paired up with New Regency productions to bring YouTube filmmakers one hell of an exciting new contest — one with the intriguing codename of “Prototype.”

For the effects-driven filmmakers out there with awesome stories to tell, Break Media just became your new best friend. Starting today, creators can submit a short film script, a treatment for a feature-length screenplay and a directing sample to for consideration. From the lot of you that enter, eight noble hearts will be selected and given $20,000 to film their short script. And from those eight worthy finalists, one will be selected for a development deal with New Regency, the production house that brought you “Fight Club,” “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” and a host of other kickass films. So polish up that totally-not-cliché, gem of a screenplay you wrote about “a contract killer for the mob who screws up his final job and becomes the one the mob wants to kill — only they messed with the wrong assassin,” because it might just become an actual thing. So what if a bunch of derivatives of that-exact-movie-concept already exist — they don’t have your vision or doubtless use of “bullet time.”

“Prototype is a way to discover and cultivate talent by providing them with the financing, distribution, and access to the entertainment industry that they wouldn’t otherwise have,” said Greg Siegel, SVP Entertainment Development, Break Media, cutting through to the nitty gritty. “Our partnership with New Regency will help aspiring filmmakers break through to larger audiences than they have traditionally had online.”

The official deadline for submissions is August 31, 2013. Now go forth and achieve your destiny — and be sure to thank me for telling you about it. Also, I suppose, if you win an Oscar, remember Break Media and New Regency.