CBS Sues YouTuber Over ‘Judge Judy’ Copyright Infringement


“Judge Judy” Sheindlin always means business in the courtroom and, in this latest lawsuit, out of the courtroom.

According to TMZ, CBS, which distributes and owns the copyrights to the reality court show, is suing Jessie Zaragosa in Los Angeles Superior Court for repeated copyright infringement. They allege that Zaragosa ran multiple YouTube accounts called “JudgeJudyWorld,” “JudgeJudyWorld1,” “JudgeJudyWorld2” and “JudgeJudyWorld3” where he posted numerous episodes of “Judge Judy.” The lawsuit claims that Zaragosa used his accounts to make money off of the uploaded “Judge Judy” episodes.

YouTube has procedures that let copyright owners make complaints against violators, and it has complied with multiple requests from CBS to take down Zaragosa’s “Judge Judy” videos. However, Zaragosa has filed a counter-notice to YouTube, demanding that they restore his videos in question.

The video-streaming site currently has an automated copyright detection service called ContentID that allows copyright owners to monetize, to do nothing or to remove content from third-party channels. Channel owners have a right to make counter-claims for unlawful takedowns, but those that repeatedly violate copyright rules on YouTube can be permanently banned from the video-streaming site. For more information on YouTube and copyright law, check out “9 Things You Should Know About Copyright and Fair Use on YouTube.”

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