‘#ChangeBrazil’ Video Explaining Brazil’s Massive Ongoing Protests Goes Viral

A video explaining to the rest of the world the ongoing protests in Brazil’s largest cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro over poor public services and political corruption has gone viral with more than a million views on YouTube.

Under the title “#ChangeBrazil,” named after the hashtag made in support of the protests, a young man explains why many Brazilian people have decided to protest and why the rest of the world should care about what’s happening in South America’s biggest country.

He tells viewers: “It is the result of what happens when society is forced to put up with the ludicrous, nonsensical laws that are created only to benefit the lawmakers themselves … and which results in a wealth and social gap so outrageous, it would be cause for hilarity if it weren’t true.”

The narrator explains that politicians’ outrageous salaries and benefits in comparison to the country’s $280 monthly minimum wage, combined with the politicians’ complete disregard for their constituents’ well-being, have resulted in overall dismal public services.

Another point that the narrator makes is that Brazil is hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics — he adds that spending money on these events are more important to politicians than funding basic services like health, education and public transportation.

The protests are coinciding with the FIFA Confederations Cup, a soccer test event currently happening in various cities throughout Brazil. Since the video went live last Friday, the BBC reports that around 200,000 people in Brazil have taken to the streets and have added police brutality to their list of grievances.

To see the narrator explain his grievances in detail, watch the viral video above.

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