Chester See and Shay Carl Star In New Interactive Web Series ‘A Forte of Love’

YouTube’s ultimate romantic Chester See is on the quest to find love once again, but this time with the help of his trusty Kia Forte in the new web series “A Forte of Love” co-starring YouTubers Kandee Johnson, Shay Carl and Nathan Barnatt. In the series, Chester decides to surprise his long-distance girlfriend (Johnson) by visiting her in San Francisco but is hindered by an overzealous parking attendant (Barnatt) and a tow truck driver (Carl). The web series is sponsored by Kia Motors America to promote the 2014 Kia Forte.

At the end of each episode, Kia is asking fans to help develop the story by tweeting advice to the characters on how to proceed in the next episode. Chester, Shay, Nathan and Kandee join a long list of celebrities that have previously worked with Kia including Blake Griffin, Tia Mowry and the singers of Boyz II Men. “A Forte of Love” not only encourages fans to play a crucial role in the development of the series but allows Kia to market their product to the 18-24 year old audience that makes up the majority of these YouTubers’ fanbases.

The second episode of the series was just released today and can be viewed here, along with instructions for viewers on how to help the characters in the series next episode.

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