Chevy Taps Europe’s Top YouTube Creators To Promote New SUV

Chevrolet is enlisting some of Europe’s most prominent YouTube content creators to work on its campaign to launch the new Chevrolet Captiva in the continent.

The General Motors brand has hired Kai Man Wong of British photography channel DigitalRevCom, Spanish comedy channel Woki Toki and Patry Jordan of Spanish style channel Secretos de Chicas to produce short films as part of the Chevrolet Captiva Life Test series. These films will highlight the features and capabilities of the sports-utility vehicle through various humorous challenges.

Beate Stumpe, director of brand and marketing at Chevrolet Europe, said that unlike other campaigns where car manufacturers solely talk about performance and design, the short films would help them engage their customers through entertaining videos.

She added: “Our Captiva Life Test campaign is an innovative approach that ties in with our Find New Roads brand promise. Putting the Captiva in the hands of YouTube content creators helped generate a series of fun, light-hearted videos, allowing customers to experience the car in entirely different ways. The videos literally show how the Captiva is ready for everything.”

Some of the “Captiva Life Test” videos that will be released June 17 include a Frisbee competition between a dog and an SUV, a table tennis tournament inside a vehicle and getting a makeover while being driven on Madrid’s busy streets. More short films will be released throughout the summer.

Besides releasing these short films made by some of Europe’s top YouTubers, Chevrolet is encouraging viewers to take part in the conversation by commenting on their Facebook page and using the hashtags #Captiva and #LifeTest on Twitter and Instagram.

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