‘Comfort Food,’ A Long-Distance Series About Love, Life & Eating, is Delicious [INTERVIEW]


As it stands now, the new web television show “Comfort Food” is actually more of a delightful mini-series. Show creator/writer Sandy Nicholson assures NMR that, by the end of the six-part series, the show reaches a “pretty solid conclusion” — good news for people who want a morsel and not a meal.

“Comfort Food,” which is a U.K. look at love, long-distance-style, centers around a young couple attempting to keep their romantic flame alive via telephone … and cooking. Sharing a love of dessert (but not necessarily an equal skill with baking) the couple, Luke and Liyana, trade cute barbs and witticisms as they craft up various “idiot-proof” delicacies that taste alike. If Liyana’s dish isn’t carefully measured out, well then, Luke’s won’t be either, damnit, because part of the connection in this relationship is that they experience something apart, together.

Nicholson, who got the show funded largely via crowdsourcing, has crafted a fun, quick-paced meditation on how to stay in love when the going gets rough. The idea apparently came to him when an old girlfriend called for advice on how to make an apple crumble — also the dish in question for the first episode. Episode 1 is available on Blip, so be sure to drop in for a quirky take on an old fashioned love story — and learn a thing or two about cooking along the way.

Before you check out the episode though, we decided to serve up a quick interview with Sandy, about life, the show and whether HIS name ever gets HIM mistaken for a girl. Bon appétit.

What were you doing before you made “Comfort Food” (that you were going to get fired from)?

Someone’s watched the introduction video! Well I was a teacher of kids with learning difficulties and a freelance TV and theatre writer, but it was the teaching job I thought I was going to get fired from. That’s why I took my last paycheck and decided to do something with it and made “Comfort Food.”

What is it about food that brings people together?

I think there’s just a tradition to it, people eating together, families sitting down. With cooking it’s even stronger because we’re trying something that might fail and it takes effort. And for desserts? Well that’s easy. They’re bad for us! But we want them anyway. I think there’s a thing about romance that there are all these ideas about whirlwind passion that make a lot of people feel left out. We want to feel a passion so strong that it eclipses any guilt we have about things we know we shouldn’t do. We know having the extra bit of cake is bad, but we’re with someone we like, and it’s romantic to do things we know we shouldn’t. I quite like that. Certainly it can go wrong if we let it, but for the most part, I think a good heap of mischief is a wonderful thing to have in both a relationship and a meal.


Why do you think your campaign was successful on Indiegogo?

I think our campaign was successful because we tried our best to make it fun for our audience and we pretty much made a full time job out of it. We were constantly making stupid videos, interviewing the actors and running competitions that people could get involved with. We ran a “guess the dessert” competition to have a character named after you, and ran an alternate lines segment where we let our viewers vote on which joke would make it into the show. Basically we did everything we could to make our funders feel like part of the project, and I think that’s what set us apart.

What made you choose Indiegogo over another crowdfunding site like Kickstarter?

We chose Indiegogo because at the time Kickstarter ran slightly differently, in that if you didn’t make all of the money you asked for, you didn’t get any of it. Now that’s changed, and people running campaigns can choose which type of campaign they want to run, but at the time Indiegogo seemed like our safest bet.

Will the series end at the conclusion of the six parts, or does it carry on into future seasons?

Right now we don’t have plans to carry on, as there’s a pretty solid conclusion at the end of episode six. However we do have a pretty exciting and unexpected idea for what would happen in another season. So who knows, if the show takes off and people really enjoy it, we might come back for more.

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