‘Comfort Food,’ A Long-Distance Series About Love, Life & Eating, is Delicious [INTERVIEW]


How did you cast your two leads? Was it more about chemistry or cooking ability?

Cooking ability had nothing to do with it. One of the main gags in the show is that neither of them are particularly great cooks (though one of them is oblivious to it). We wanted it to be a show about everyday people trying something, so the recipes are pretty simple. We did all our casting based on chemistry and warmth. I had worked with both the actors previously on some stage and radio productions I had written, and when it came time to cast the show I knew they’d both have the right blend of chemistry, comic timing and dramatic flair for when the show gets a little tougher.

How good a cook are you?

I’m reasonably good, but with heaps to learn. Some of the recipes in the show are my own design. At one point we needed to come up with a way to make ice cream from scratch in under five minutes — that took some doing, but all of them are pretty easy.

How often do people in the media think you’re a female writer?

Constantly! The amount of emails I get beginning “Dear Ms. Nicholson” easily outnumbers Mr., and I was once (and I’ll never let anyone forget it) referred to in a review as “women’s answer to Aaron Sorkin.” But it’s been a great thing for me. I’m very much concerned with women’s issues and the way women are portrayed in entertainment, so having a reputation as a female writer has helped my work find the right kind of audience.

What’s something aspiring showmakers should know as they attempt to get their own projects made?

I think a web series, perhaps more than any other medium, is one that’s defined by its limitations. They’re generally very low budget, very simple shows. My advice to people who want to try it is to use those limitations to your advantage. Make use of that frame. The right idea will be made better by the fact that it’s small.

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