Content Creators’ Newest Tool TouchCast Brings The Video Studio to iPads


TouchCast co-founders Edo Segal, Erick Schonfeld and Charley Miller claim they have a way to improve the quality of video production using the power of the iPad. Going live today on iTunes, their TouchCast app allows creators to produce content and enhance videos with embeddable features like live Twitter feeds, live blogs and other content.

Some of the interesting features from the app that creators can utilize include a built-in teleprompter, a green screen feature, customizable layouts and sound production elements. In addition, TouchCast has “vApps” that are similar to TV graphics, but allows viewers to interact with maps, web links, live blogs and other features. Viewers can watch these interactive videos through the TouchCast app or via the TouchCast website. TouchCast videos can also be uploaded to YouTube, although the interactive links and features on the video won’t work.

Segal, who is also the CEO of TouchCast, told Variety about his app’s features in comparison to YouTube, whose only interactive in-video features are annotations and video links: “What we have really done is immerse HTML inside the video.”

He added that while TouchCast is also a video-sharing platform in itself, it isn’t seeking to compete with YouTube but rather “create a brand-new experience.”

Creators can use TouchCast for free, but only for short videos up to five minutes each and with one hour’s worth of storage. Users who need more storage can subscribe for a monthly fee.

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