‘Corman’s Drive-In’ Paid Channel Launches With 30 Classic Films


The first 30 films from filmmaker Roger Corman’s 400-plus collection are available tomorrow on YouTube as part of the launch of his “Corman’s Drive-In” paid subscription channel.

In a statement, Julie Corman, Roger’s wife and producer, welcomed the launch of “Corman’s Drive-In” to YouTube: “This is a brave new world. Roger has always been on the cutting-edge and now he’s paving the way for independent filmmakers by testing a new distribution platform. Streaming our films opens them up to future generations of fans.”

Subscriptions will cost $3.99 a month, and the channel will refresh its movie titles regularly. Besides showcasing up to 30 titles at a time, “Corman’s Drive-In” will have exclusive video features such as interviews with actors and directors who have worked with Corman during his six-decade career.

To see which films are available at “Corman’s Drive-In,” click here.

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