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Guns, explosions, video games, ass-kicking, blood and guts and kittens – you can expect all of that awesomeness unadulterated and jam-packed in intense bite-sized bursts on the Corridor Digital channel. How do Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer – the core of Corridor Digital — contain all of that on just one YouTube channel? Simply put, they’re fucking talented.

 The premier VFX masters of online video, Sam and Niko have brought slick, professional action filmmaking and effects to YouTube. Their videos are so good, that upon first viewing, one might believe that they’ve stumbled onto a Hollywood teaser of some sort, except cooler. In fact, the most common comment found on their YouTube channels and social media pages is some variation of “Hollywood, have these guys make that movie!” And you can bet Hollywood will in fact do just that one day.

 While their videos look effortless in the way that great works often look effortless to the uninitiated, their videos are anything but – they are the products of years of experience; mounds of skill, effort and passion; all mixed in with a lot of help from friends and collaborators like Brandon Laatsch, Jake Watson, Wren Weichman and Freddie Wong, among others.

 Read my in-depth interview with Sam and Niko below where they discuss their schedules for a typical day, their “least favorite” video they’ve made and what it was like recently reaching the 2-million subscriber mark.


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Who’s the greatest action star of all time?

Sam: Besides Jackie Chan?

Niko: [laughs] Easily Jackie Chan.

Sam: Well, Chow Yun Fat is pretty good. Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat.

Niko: Tony Jaa.

Sam: Tony Jaa is pretty cool.

Niko: How about American?

Sam: Dang. Hold on. See it’s a lot harder for some reason because they are in so many– their range is harder.

Niko: I honestly say Tom Cruise is pretty good.

Sam: Tom Cruise is good.

Niko: He is one of the few actors that seems like he really wants to be out there doing his own stunts and all that kind of stuff. I mean as weird as all the Scientology–

Sam: He acts really hard, like “Oblivion” the movie is horrible, but he acts so hard that he holds it together just barely [both laugh].

What’s the greatest action movie of all time?

Niko: “Hard Boiled.”

Sam: “Hard Boiled,” “The Matrix,” “Akira.”

Niko: “Akira’s” got action.

Sam: “Akira” is definitely an action movie.

Niko: “Terminator 2.”

John Woo?

Niko: John Woo I mean, John Woo. Action movies are you’re basically doing silent films for the action. It’s not just about showing a guy shooting a gun or showing something blown up; it’s about showing much like when you have a dialogue scene and have a thought process of the character in the dialogue scene, you have the same thing happening in an action scene. And John Woo is a director that understands that whereas many other directors don’t.

What is the last best book you guys read?

Niko: “The Republic of Pirates.”

Sam: “The Republic of Pirates.” We actually both read it at the same time because we are both doing research for pirates right now.

Niko: Yeah it is basically the true account of the golden age of piracy in the Bahamas, kind of what led to it and what actually happened with the pirates that people tend to know like Blackbeard and Charles Vane and Sam Bellamy and a bunch of other like famous pirates. And it’s like a non-Hollywood version of it like the actual history with us finding stuff in British legal documents about these guys’ kind of stuff. It’s really fascinating, and it’s incredibly epic, incredibly dense with adventure. Every time a boat would leave a doc, whenever it came back, usually about 40 percent of the crew was dead. Not usually from violence, just from the dangers of sailing, so just people are dying left and right and it’s crazy.

So are you guys planning to do a pirate-based video soon?

Niko: Yeah, potentially.

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