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You guys would obviously be in the 100 if they didn’t count the Vevo channels. What do your fans have to look forward to? What are you working on currently?

Niko: We’re obviously still making YouTube videos, we are putting them out a little bit slower, we’re putting them out about once every three weeks to a month now, but I think what that means to the fans is they can look forward to us finally starting to move into some bigger projects. People have been saying we should make a film for a while, and truthfully we have, we put out “Sync” last year which was a web series, but it’s also–

Sam: Unfortunately it wasn’t on our channel, so our audience wasn’t able to fully connect with the series.

Niko: So we put out “Sync” last year, and it was a web series but it also exists as a feature film online ‘cause that’s really how it was intended to be watched, as one long film, one long viewing experience, but at this point we’re actually sitting down and trying to do some bigger YouTube videos with some funding behind them, and we’re trying to look at some films that we can make, and that means that we’re going to be a little bit slower on the YouTube releases because we’re actually– you got to sit down and you got to do some writing and you got to write emails and you’ve got to brainstorm and you have to not work on videos to work on these big projects.

Sam: And that’s the thing too, we spend a lot of time, and even if we take into account how much time we’re spending on a smaller video — let’s say a two-minute video takes like a day or so of writing and planning — alright, if we’re going to make a movie, let’s say it’s two hours, literally just multiply that and that’s how many days we have to take off from our YouTube channel to get there, so it’s all about making sure the wheels are turning. We have a team of people who are also helping us to put this together and basically get that big project out while not forgetting about the YouTube channel and making sure we are still producing.

Niko: Long story short I say people can look forward to us hopefully starting to evolve and move into the next step of the artform and of our careers as the year progresses and we go into next year.

Sam: It’s safe to say also that we have plans also to later this fall to put some pretty big videos out fingers crossed on our channel but we’re going to have a bunch of funny, more classic videos on our channel this summer, and when the fall comes around we’re going to have some really, really, really big projects coming out, so I’m very excited for it.

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