Cracked Chiropractors & Unlicensed Salons: The 5 Most Hilarious Rhett and Link Local Commercials

When Rhett and Link aren’t singing about the benefits of rubbing bacon on things or how high school graduates’ lives will only go downhill, they’re making commercials for local businesses and prominent companies like McDonald’s and Microsoft. Their most recent local commercial for a Western-themed Chinese restaurant in Burbank, California has gone viral in the past couple of days with more than 251,000 views.

The duo has been shooting low-budget yet unusually entertaining commercials for more than five years now. In 2009, they started a web series called “I Love Local Commercials” where they made three commercials for local businesses in North Carolina and performed their jingles. The hilarious videos quickly went viral, and Rhett and Link later toured the country after asking fans to nominate their favorite businesses for the series.

Check out our picks for the 5 funniest Rhett and Link local commercials below:

5. Holiday Hotel for Cats

4. Red House – Black & White People Furniture

3. Cracked Chiropractor

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