Csandreas: Funny, Nerdy Motivational Videos [YouTube Next Vlogger Series 2013]


I asked all the YouTube Next Vlogger award recipients I talked to for 2013, the same first question: “Describe your channel in one AWESOME sentence.” The question was wasted on YouTube creator Csandreas (real name: Chris Sanders) though, as he states his channel aim right up on the masthead: “Funny Nerdy Motivational Videos.” You can’t boil it down any better than that. In fact, I used it to title this piece, so it probably dragged you in here because it seemed so appealing.

Here’s what I love about Chris: HE’S HONEST. That is the absolute-number-one-super-best-freaking-win thing a vlogger needs to not only survive amongst all the vlogging competition out there, but to thrive as well. As an audience, our attention spans are short — you’ve got just seconds to hook us with some aspect of why we should keep watching (that is, after you used a cool title to hook us in the first place). With Chris, his unfettered honesty keeps me hooked and wanting more. I chose two videos of his that really to me, just scratch the surface of what Chris is all about — but just scratching Chris’ surface you get to see what a vast pool of resources he is for the way humans ought to act, think and feel. The two videos are diverse — one is about the five different “kinds” of poop, the other is a candid bit about how bad he wants to be a father. The simple reality is that because he can have the sort of frank, funny slightly awkward conversation about poop with the internet, he’s probably going to also be one hell of a father.

Hell, it might be worth inventing a time machine, and then taking Chris back to meet my mom — you know what? That might be TMI … and maybe I can’t get away with it, but then, I’m not Chris Sanders.

Describe your channel in one AWESOME sentence.

Chris Sanders: My channel is literally me; a virtual manifestation of my nerdy, weird, raw, silly, compassionate brain, and a window into my life.

What makes someone “nerdy” in this day and age?

In this day and age nerdy doesn’t have the negative stigma it used to. These days I think it can mean being passionate and quirky.

What’s the most positive response you’ve gotten to one of your motivational videos?

I’ve had quite a few people come to me saying they were considering suicide before watching one of my videos, like “Why Nice Guys DON’T Finish Last” but my theme of things getting better and changing at each stage of life no matter how nerdy, awkward or outcast they feel in this moment, gave them hope.