Damielou Shavelle: Singer, Comedian, Professional Australian [YOUTUBE NEXT VLOGGER SERIES 2013]

At this moment, Australia counts manufactured commodities and iron ore as the major drivers of their export business. While this alone would be enough to satisfy any other country in the world, for Australia — a country that leads in boomerang-related deaths (unverified) — minerals and textiles aren’t cutting it. Australia is exporting something new across the globe, and that, my friends, is raw uncut YouTube talent.

Meet Damielou Shavelle, the best performer to come out of Australia since the Road Warrior — the man, not the film. With her unique brand of infectious energy, Damielou is snatching YouTube viewers’ hearts faster than you can say, “Bonzer, mate.”

NMR caught up with the singer/comedian/vlogger to talk about being Australia’s next big breakout YouTube star and the secret origins of her friendship with Aussie YouTuber Louna Maroun.

Your channel has a ton of different content. If you could sum up your channel as simply as possible, how would you do it?

 Damielou Shavelle: My channel is definitely one crazy hot mess. Making music is something I’m passionate about and so is making people laugh. If I had to describe it simply I’d say my channel is a music and entertainment variety channel with a lot of personality … and color … mostly purple. 

You collaborate often with popular Australian YouTuber Louna Maroun. Were you guys friends outside of YouTube first, or is this just an Australian thing non-Aussies could never hope to understand?

Louna and I didn’t actually know each other outside of YouTube! We first met at a YouTube gathering here in Melbourne back in 2011 when YouTuber DaveDays came down to visit Australia. YouTube is a community I have made some very close friends through, and Louna is definitely on that list! #lounielou

How did you end up winning YouTube’s Next Vlogger series? What did you send to YouTube that convinced them?

I sent them pictures of my purple hair, and I guess they couldn’t resist, haha. But honestly, I’d like to think it was my attitude. YouTube, my content and my #psychoz (what I call all my freaking amazing fans!) are all something I dedicate a lot of my time toward on a very regular basis. I wrote of my plans to try to structure and plan my content better, to collaborate, to grow as a content creator, and I just want to put a lot of myself into my videos and share who I am and hope people can get a laugh out of it or relate to it or just, you know, feel something.

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