Damielou Shavelle: Singer, Comedian, Professional Australian [YOUTUBE NEXT VLOGGER SERIES 2013]

You received some pretty sweet gear and training as part of Next Vlogger, how do you think it will help your channel grow?

The training in the Google+ Hangout sessions is something I’m very excited about. We had our first one today in fact; there’s not many industries you can rock a virtual meeting in your giraffe onesie! Being able to access and learn from people who have a wealth of knowledge in this industry and have already started to make a career for themselves out of what they do on YouTube — that’s incredibly invaluable to me. The gear is definitely a plus as well. One part of the kit I choose will most likely be a good laptop. This will help me out a LOT in staying productive while I’m on the go. At the moment I do all my video edits and music recording on my iMac desktop at home which can be a little limiting at times. Everything I’m receiving as part of YouTube Next Vlogger 2013 is going to enable me to take my channel and what I do to the next level, and I’m incredibly grateful for that. Shout out to Matt Yeager and everyone else over at YouTube Next Lab — thank you!

What’s the end goal for you? Professional, singer? Professional comedian? A little of both?

Guess you could say a little bit of both. Music and entertaining are both something I have a passion for so I’ll keep working hard and putting my energy into both of the avenues. Catching some kind of big break isn’t something I’m waiting around for. I’m focused on making my own thing happen, and if success comes along the way than that’s great. Ultimately, I’d just love to do this full-time and spend the rest of my life creating, and I’m very motivated toward making that a reality.”

About YouTube Next Vlogger Series 2013:

YouTube gave its yearly shoutout back in April for motivated YouTube creators with “stories of personal triumph” to apply for their Next Vlogger award — a sort of spotlight program for YouTube stars-in-the-making. This year, they’ve selected 15 unique voices from around the world that are challenging the way we think, wowing us or just plain making us laugh. In exchange for that, the recipients get mentoring from industry leaders, $4,000 worth of equipment and channel promotion.

NMR always wants to give you the first and best look at emerging talent, so we’ve reached out to these creators for a little more info on just who they are and why you should be paying attention. Past winners of the Next Vlogger award include Danisnotonfire and Black Nerd Comedy, so this 2013 class is definitely full of up-and-coming creators to keep an eye on.

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