Dancing Filipino Prisoners Are Now Movie Stars – SAG Just Got A Whole Lot More Murderous

So this is a thing now …

Remember those dancing Filipino prisoners who shot to fame by dancing to a choreographed version of “Thriller”? Well, now they’re all movie stars.

“Dance of the Steel Bars,” easily the worst movie title since 1988’s “Curse of the Queerwolf,” is a feature length (likely straight-to-video) film actually shot on location at Cebu prison in the Philippines, where the murderers, rapists and thieves version of Menudo are doing their time.

Telling the story of an American man wrongly incarcerated, “Steel Bars” finds our “Randall Adams” joining the prison dance team (oh, thank God, I was worried this was going to be one of those cliché films that dealt with redemption and brotherhood).

“This film talks about redemption, about brotherhood,” Cesar Apolinario, a television journalist and the film’s co-director, told Reuters. “I did not only see them as brilliant dancers, but they are actually brilliant actors.” Also, did I mention rapists, murderers and thieves?

Whelp, how long until “Numa Numa Kid: The Musical”?

For more on dancing prisoners, check out the following link:

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