Davey Wavey: He’s Shirtless, Gay And Not Afraid To Talk About It [#ProudToLove YouTube Series]

Why did you decide to film the experience of coming out to your grandmother?

 You know YouTube had advertised for “Life in a Day” that they wanted clips and I was trying to think to myself something that I could contribute, and coming out of the closet is really one of those extraordinary but ordinary things that gay people do on a regular basis. I’m out in my life but every time I hold my boyfriend’s hand in public when I’m walking down the sidewalk, you’re still kind of coming out to the people around you. It’s really an on-going process and so I thought it would be fun to capture that for the documentary, and it’s just very real. It is a real moment and I appreciate that.

So much of your channel is made up of videos about your experiences as a gay man, why did you really decide to make that the center of your YouTube content?

[laughs] If I had a talent — if I could sing or I could dance — that’s what I would do. I guess my only expertise is being a gay man. That’s where my life’s experiences are, and I do feel like there is a need for that on YouTube so I’m satisfying a want that people have for this information, and for me the challenge is always to share a good message, a message about accepting yourself, a message about love but doing it in a way that is interesting. If it feels preachy people aren’t going to watch it, so I package it up in a cute p*nis joke, some sexuality and humor and it’s good to go.

What were you doing this morning when you found out about the Supreme Court ruling?

 I was at the gym and I was at the end of my treadmill run and they still hadn’t made the announcement yet, and I was like, I am going to keep going with this until we have the breaking news. Then they had the breaking news coverage of it, and there I am on my treadmill practically in tears, sweating, really at my ugliest but just so excited about the decision.

What does this decision personally mean to you?

Well I live in California part-time so you know on one level it gives me the opportunity to create a life, get married, using the same terminology, same rights and privileges that everyone else gets. And that’s really exciting to have that option available. Now I just need to find someone that will put up with me which is a whole other story. On a wider, broader level, I have friends throughout the country that DOMA in particular is really going to impact. A great friend of mine — his boyfriend is from Denmark and they want to move to the United States — but because of DOMA they weren’t able to get immigration privileges that straight people get so this was a big victory for that, so really across the community this is going to have a really large ripple effect and is really going to improve the quality of life for a lot of people. It is a really great thing.

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