‘Dollar Shave Club’ is Back With A New Sure-To-Be-Viral Ad For Butt Wipes [VIDEO]

I’m calling it now: the Dollar Shave Club guy is this generation’s Ron Popeil (famous TV pitchman who sold products like the “Pocket Fisherman” and that thing where you “Set it … and Forget it!”). It could have been Billy Mays, but he died; it could have been “ShamWow” Vince, but he had that whole “beating up a prostitute” thing. So now we have Mike Durbin.

Back with his second rapidly-going-viral ad, Durbin, CEO and spokesman for the Dollar Shave Club just got a brand new product: One Wipe Charlies. Yeah, moist, disposable toilet paper … for your ass.

This wet toilet paper fad is really cleaning up lately — so desperate are we to avoid French-people-made bidets, we’ve now convinced ourselves that baby wipes for grownups are the answer. Whatever happened to just bending over in the shower for free? Or even just placidly accepting skid marks? Goddamnit, we’ve become a nation of softies.

Still, I’ll be buying some — don’t want to be the guy on the bus no one will sit next to …

Here’s the original Dollar Shave Club ad, if you didn’t see it:

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