‘Double Rainbow’ Guy is Desperate For Another Viral Hit, Tries Again With ‘Double Rainbow Fire’ [VIDEO]

There are few things sadder than when a has-been trots out their tired, old tricks for a little more time in the sun.

The “Double Rainbow” guy, Paul Vasquez, is back at it, extolling extreme fascination over a nearby forest fire. The problem is, he can barely muster the energy to “ooh and aah,” and it sounds like a has-been desperate for virality. If that’s not bad enough, he actually names the video “Double Rainbow Fire” and gives a  shout-out to Maker Studios (et al), alerting them to the possibility of his going viral.

Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 9.53.27 AM

What’s particularly of interest to me is how quickly Vasquez drops the wonderment act in order to logically discuss how he’s actually been through several fires as a former firefighter (he was also a terrible cage fighter — who knew?!).

Look buddy, I can’t fault you one-trick-ponies for wanting to get back into the limelight — all I ask is that you try harder.

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