Elly Awesome: Quirky Takes on the Latest Apps & Tech [YouTube Next Vlogger Series 2013]


If you’ve ever wondered about which free app is best for your Android or iPhone, Australian vlogger Elly Bailey has the answers. Better known as Elly Awesome, her AppChat YouTube channel is where she gives her take on the latest smartphone apps, curiosities in technology and poking fun at technology trends.

While she raves about creating the “iPhone 7” and its “15 rows of apps” on her videos, there is one thing that Elly wouldn’t dare get near until fairly recently — roller coasters. Overcoming her fear of roller coasters and telling YouTube about it helped her win a spot in the YouTube Next Vlogger 2013 class.

Elly talked to NMR about her involvement with the Next Vlogger program, her love for technology and why it took her until December of last year to ride a roller coaster.

Tell us what held you back from riding a roller coaster for so long.

Elly Awesome: Even to me, the fact that I’m scared of roller coasters sounds ridiculous. I’m not sure, I’m just afraid! Ever since I was a little kid I’ve just thought, “NO WAY — THEY LOOK TERRIFYING.” My parents even encouraged me multiple times to go on rollercoasters but they couldn’t even drag me on. Heights are quite scary to me, but over the years I’ve been pushing myself to get used to them and it doesn’t worry me much anymore. I’ve also been on two roller coasters now — I can’t say I loved it, but I’m getting better!

You say you’re into all things tech. What are some interesting aspects of tech that fascinate you?

Like most people I love that technology can save time and simplify our lives! But the most amazing thing is my phone has high quality games on it, a great camera, a personal trainer/exercise apps (for when I work out), banking applications, video calling, textbooks, voice translation software — it’s amazing what you can carry around in your pocket!