Emilieofnewgloom: Filmmaker Who Adds Cinematic Quality To Her Vlogs [YouTube Next Vlogger Series 2013]


When Emily Diana Ruth graduated from college in Canada, she set out to create her short film, “The Water’s Fine.” She decided to vlog about her experiences on her Emilieofnewgloom YouTube channel. Her videos, which are more cinematic mini-documentaries rather than vlogs in the traditional sense, give an honest take into the difficulties making her first film right out of college — from scouting locations to creating a budget. Overcoming her challenges in creating a movie helped her win a spot in this year’s YouTube Next Vlogger Project.

Now living in London, Ruth also has a YouTube channel with her friend Jamie Lee Miller called Daughterland, where they documented their thoughts and feelings as they prepared to move from Canada to the United Kingdom.

Ruth talked to NMR about why she doesn’t like talking to the camera when vlogging and what she hopes to get out of the Next Vlogger program.

Your vlogs seem to have a very cinematic, documentary-like quality that’s not found in many of the other vlogs out on YouTube. What inspired you to take that approach?

Emily Diane Ruth: I have a BFA in film production and have been filmmaking to some degree for quite a few years before I found YouTube. So I definitely approach it from that end. I’m all about visual storytelling and still find it quite nerve wracking to just sit and talk to my camera, so that’s definitely part of it too.

How did you come up with the name Emilieofnewgloom?

“Emily of New Moon” is a book series that was quite popular in Canada so I’m riffing off this. My name is actually Emily, but I spelt it like “Emilie” in my channel name because I accidentally deleted the channel the first time around when I spelt it the right way and didn’t want to part with the name emilyofnewgloom. Gloom is just a word I always liked.