Epic Rap Battles Hits 6 Million Subs, Releases Batsh*t Crazy ‘Thank You’ Video

It has become common practice among YouTube creators to release videos thanking their fans after they’ve hit a certain number of subs or views. Without their fans, popular YouTubers wouldn’t have successful careers, so why not give followers a little love?

Well, Epic Rap Battle of History just hit 6 million subscribers and it is safe to say that the collaborative project of EpicLLOYD, Nicepeter and Maker Studios may have set the bar for these types of fan-thanking videos.

Since launching in 2006, ERB has delighted millions with a blend of totally strange, completely insane rap battles between unlikely foes. Need an example? How about this one: Mozart vs. dubstep proprietor Skrillex. Like I said, “completely insane.”

However, ERB’s strangest upload to date seems to been have saved for their 6 million sub mark. Check it out above and decide for yourself. Spoiler alert: There are singing/screaming hippos and bears in it.


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