Epic Road Rage Video Features Racist Lunatic Throwing Things And Running On Freeway [VIDEO]

I think everyone should have these dashboard cams. Imagine the sheer amount of insanity that gets missed without them. We could have a whole other YouTube, solely devoted to the bizarre shit people see in the course of their daily travels.

Russian vehicles regularly carry them now, and already Russia is crushing it in the “bizarre road videos” department. We risk looking weak to “the reds” because we don’t use dash cams — everything Sylvester Stallone did in “Rocky 4” could be undone.

Also, I think we should stream this video on a giant screen beneath the “Welcome to Los Angeles” sign. It might chase out some of the less hearty tourists and free up congestion for locals like me. Maybe then, I wouldn’t get angry and attack people on the freeway like this guy does. Of course, he’s from Illinois, but then, our unofficial motto is: “California: Because We’re So Awesome, We Get the Rest of the Country’s Trash.”

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