Facebook Rumored To Create Its Own News App Called Reader


During a press event in March promoting Facebook’s new layout and news feed, Mark Zuckerberg hinted that he wanted to create a sort of “personalized newspaper” where users can get the news they want.

That “personalized newspaper” turned out to be a revamped layout, but now The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook is working on a news application that would make content from the web readable in a format tailored for mobile devices.

The service, which is internally called Reader, is intended with news content in mind, and according to sources close to the project, would resemble something like Flipboard, where users can get aggregated stories and swipe to read articles. As with most stories speculating on Facebook’s future, Facebook has declined to comment.

If this is confirmed at a future press event, it would one of many changes Facebook has made it to improve its user experience this year. Besides the revamped layout and news feed, Facebook introduced the mobile platform Facebook Home for Android devices in April and an unsuccessful mobile phone partnership with HTC called HTC First. Recently, Facebook has introduced Twitter’s notable hashtag feature as well as short video capability on its Instagram app.

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