5 Summer Trends YouTube Beauty Gurus Are Obsessed With Right Now


Summer, you’re finally here.

After months of waiting to be free of long sleeve shirts and heavy jackets, we have finally been blessed with the first rays of summer sun. And how can we not fall in love with the season that brings us endless barbecues and weekend beach adventures? In summer the days are longer, restaurants fill their happy hours with fresh tropical drinks and, with our knitted sweaters stored away, our closets become overrun with cropped tank tops and denim cutoffs. It’s just perfect. To ring in the wonderful season, beauty gurus have taken to YouTube all month to share their favorite hairstyles, makeup products and outfits for summer. From funky wedges to mint green nails, below are five beauty and style trends YouTube beauty gurus can’t seem to get enough of, and after watching the videos, neither will you.

Funky wedges and laser cut handbags.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.


 Miracle leave in conditioner and mint nail polish.

High waisted shorts, cropped tshirts and crochet tank tops.

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