Foodbeast Bloggers Try Their Hand At Beer Cocktails [VIDEO]

Previously, the guys at Foodbeast have taught viewers awesome life hacks like the right way to eat Chinese takeout and how to eat cupcakes properly. But can Foodbeast teach YouTube viewers how to make a beer cocktail? Well, it’s not as easy as it seems.

Foodbeast founder Elie Ayrouth explained his website’s collaboration with Red Robin on the beer cocktails video: “We were talking about what was new with our respective brands and trying to find a fun way to work together. They told us about their new cocktails served in sexy beer cans to see if what we thought…we thought they were awesome. Fortunate for us, their team was really open to some outlandish ideas that complemented both of our brands…we get to be idiots, they get to show off their new product. Few months later, this video was made.”

Actually creating beer cocktails wasn’t Foodbeast’s expertise. Ayrouth added: “Neither Rudy or I are mixologists and we’re definitely not engineers…so to turn a beer can into something cup-like was ridiculous for us. In the midst of the process though, we realized that if you put enough pressure on a beer can, the lid actually pops right off.”

Check out the many ways Ayrouth and Foodbeast colleague Rudy Chaney of Foodbeast try to make beer cocktails for the Red Robin restaurant chain in the fail-ridden video above.

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