Free Movie Platform Snagfilms Adds 5,000 Films To Revamped Layout


SnagFilms announced today that it has added 5,000 free-to-watch films as part of its revamp of the social video platform.

Some of the notable films added to the SnagFilms library include the 1939 Western classic “Stagecoach” and the 2004 Morgan Spurlock McDonald’s documentary “Super Size Me.” The new layout also lets fans and viewers easily discover new films curated by Snagfilm based on their viewing preferences, friends’ recommendations and special film playlists like “Lazy Sundays” and “Apocalyptic Indies.”

In addition to adding thousands of new films to its free-to-watch library and revamping its layout, Snagfilms will premiere comedic actor and fitness guru Jake Steinfeld’s one-man Las Vegas show “No Expectations” on the platform tomorrow.

Rick Allen, co-founder and CEO of SnagFilms, said in a statement that the company is focused on finding the best content available for its viewers rather than investing in original programming.

He explained: “We believe that more than ever, people are seeking a wide variety of streaming video content, from well-known movies to those films that never received – but richly deserve – the spotlight. Rather than putting our resources into creating a few new series, we’ve roamed the world to bring the best of indie films to audiences now, free and on-demand.  And we’ve blended those great films, plus editorial excellence and a full suite of social media tools into a truly unique viewing experience.”

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