French YouTuber Imagines How ‘Get Lucky’ Would Have Sounded Like Through 11 Decades [VIDEO]

Daft Punk’s latest single “Get Lucky” has been a worldwide sensation, but how would the song sound like if it was made in the 1920s? French YouTuber and musician PV NOVA imagined how “Get Lucky” would sound over the course of 11 decades from the 1920s to the 2020s. His chronologic cover of “Get Lucky” reflects the certain musical styles of the decades represented from the swing of 1930s to the dubstep-dominated beats of today.

To promote his cover, PV NOVA is asking his fans to create a music video for his cover version of “Get Lucky” set in their favorite decade from 1920s to 2020s. Their video has to reflect the decade and must be posted by July 10 under the title “Project Evolution of Get Lucky” followed by the decade of their choice. Videos must be posted on Facebook and tagged to the PV NOVA Facebook page.

Watch and listen to PV NOVA “evolutionary” cover of “Get Lucky” in the video above.

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