‘Game of Thrones Birthday Rap’ Makes 10-Year-Old’s ‘Birthday’ Bloody Epic [VIDEO]

Full disclosure: I don’t watch “Game of Thrones.”

I’m one of those contrarian assholes who’s like, “Oh, everybody is watching it — I will be cool because I go against the mainstream, wah!” Jesus, I hate people like me. But I’m evolving, and this “Game of Thrones Birthday Rap” is largely responsible.

I don’t like “fantasy stuff.” I vastly prefer things that are real — like tax codes and bondage/sadomasochism. But EVERYBODY on Earth is acting like this show is “Seinfeld” with more sex, violence and comedy (zing!). So finally, yes, I am going to tune in. I’m sure by this time next week I will be gushing about the “red wedding” and whatever the hell that entails. Until I jump in though, repeat viewings of this “video footage from a 10-year-old’s birthday party” with a “Game of Thrones” theme will do nicely.

Not only is there so-excellent rapping that perfectly explains the show premise to me, but the video, put out by the talented crew at Stage5.tv, also features the bodacious Taryn Southern as Daenerys “Mother of Dragons” (sigh). Watch this and enjoy it, because it might be the coolest thing on the internet right now.

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