Gloria Nava: Making YouTube New And Exciting Again [YOUTUBE NEXT VLOGGER SERIES 2013]


Gloria Nava’s YouTube channel, glowpinkstah, is everything a modern YouTube channel should be. Pay attention to the keyword “modern” because it is what makes her channel so special. There is a formula on YouTube that has been proven to work for every different style of channel. Comedy channels stick to parody, music channels typically excel with covers and beauty gurus, well, do beauty guru-type stuff. It’s the channels that can push past these formulas that truly set the bar high.

Gloria’s channel is one of those. With an incredible mix of comedy, vlogging and completely insane makeup tutorials blended with genuinely informative makeup tutorials, this is a channel performing on an entirely different level. Not to mention, Gloria is one hell of an impressionist.

With over 250,000 subs on her main channel, Gloria is one of YouTube’s fastest rising talents and she’s killing it in a totally innovative way. NMR caught up with the comedian/advice guru to talk her eclectic channel and whether or not beauty channels take themselves too seriously.

Your channel is a blend of comedy, advice and makeup — why combine these three themes in your channel?

Gloria Nava: The reason I post these three themes on my channel is because I’ve changed direction since starting on YouTube. My Makeup Monday videos started this year because I simply like to do makeup and not in the crazy way people see most of the time. I love to share what I’ve learned, and pick up on some new tips subscribers have left in the comments. Wednesday is my designated day for comedy. I love playing my characters, and before I changed my direction it’s why people subscribed to my channel. Advice Friday is very new. As I’ve grown on YouTube so has my audience, and on top of that I’m gaining many younger followers as well. So I decided to come up with Advice Friday. 

Most of my topics are what I believe to be very relevant in today’s society. It can go from what my idea of beauty is, to how to deal with bullying, and even summer tips. Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of older friends or people I felt that I could talk to when it came to being bullied, or feeling a little insecure. I get messages all the time asking about what to do in these types of situations, mostly from younger kids, so I wanted to find a way to reach out to them and basically share my experiences and what I did to resolve my problems. It’s very important to me because I know that there are so many kids out there who feel like they don’t have anyone to talk to and might be too scared to ask for even the slightest amount of help so that’s why I post my Advice Fridays.

You often do different sketch-style characters like Tita Auntie — do you ever worry that new viewers will come to your channel and be totally confused about who you really are?

When I do my sketch-style characters like Tita Auntie, I expect people to be confused. I find it funny, and I know that after a while people will get the hint that I’m completely joking around. I get comments like, “I totally thought you were serious, but then I watched more of your videos and realized you weren’t crazy.” and sometimes people just don’t get it, and that’s totally okay with me.