Grumpy Cat Becomes New Moral Compass Of America After Becoming The Face Of Anti-Drinking PSA


And that’s all Grumpy Cat has to say about that.

The Uncle Sam of the millennial generation, Grumpy Cat has become the new face to speak out against teenage drinking and driving after prom.

A photo of the anti-drinking billboard was uploaded onto Imgur two days ago and has since been met with criticism by many Reddit commenters who have drawn attention to the company’s misunderstanding of Grumpy Cat’s disgruntled, sarcastic personality. Reddit user PointingOutIrony pointed out: “But if Grumpy Cat doesn’t like it … doesn’t that make drinking at prom super fun?” And was supported Redditor NessaBlue who wrote, “I don’t think the creators of that billboard completely understand the sentiment of Grumpy Cat, he would most definitely encourage underage drinking at prom, followed by lots of driving.”

All good points gentlemen and ladies. See, if we took the advice of Grumpy Cat literally, many of us would have killed ourselves months ago or become raging alcoholics as a way to deal with the self-confidence-destroying words hurled at us from this sassy cat. So after much consideration, maybe Grumpy Cat isn’t the best person to be instructing teenagers on how to live their lives. But, I bet after a little convincing, Snooki would totally take the job.


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