‘Hacker Girlfriend’ Series is the Chic, Funny LGBT ‘House of Cards’ For the Geek Set [VIDEO]

Stevie Boebi, star of the SassiBoB channel, is now at the center of a very fresh and fun new web series that is sure to give geeks of all ages “the vapors” (“Lawd, lawd,” Jeff says, fanning himself).

The series, Hacker Girlfriend, which just launched its first episode today, centers around girl gamer Stevie, a lesbian with a hot-ass girlfriend that is always down for a little mischief and mayhem — which is good because “Hacker Girlfriend” promises to get its players into a whole mess of the good kind of bad trouble. Episode 1, for instance, involves the girls taking down an obnoxious “Call of Duty” gamer — utilizing a Catwoman suit and a soaking wet R2D2 microdress (hey, something for everyone!).

“I like to make stuff. Of all the stuff I’ve created,” says Boebi, also the producer for the series. “Hacker Girlfriend is by far my favorite. It uses vlog style to tell a scripted story, kinda my thang.”

Awesomely sponsored by Maxthon, “Hacker Girlfriend” boasts a 70% self-identified cast and crew of LGBT individuals, which makes it an especially poignant series to launch now during Pride Month.

I am excited for what is to come with this show — to me, the LGBT aspect is not as important as their ability to tell a good, compelling story, and with what I’ve seen so far, they’ve completely achieved that in spades. So gay, straight, it doesn’t matter — if you’re into tech and hijinks, with funny Zach Morris-style speak straight to the camera interludes (yes, the trendy thing is to say “House of Cards” but SBTB got there first!), dive headfirst into “Hacker Girlfriend.” I’m sure there’s a double entendre in there somewhere …

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