Happy Dad’s Day: The 5 Best YouTube Videos of Fatherly Advice [VIDEOS]

Father’s Day is one of those uncomfortable holidays when you have to show emotion to the figure in your life who teaches you not to show too much emotion. And so you awkwardly hand over the tie or power tool and say, “Thanks for being my dad.” And he opens it and pretends he likes it and then you eat some steak or arm wrestle or he gets drunk and punches you to the floor. But in his role as father, in between drinking and watching pro wrestling on TV, occasionally some advice slips out as well (along with the farts). And that advice, when caught on videotape, can go on to help a great many young people out there grow up to be drunken, arm-wrestling burnouts, just like their old man.

Happy Father’s Day, dad, and all the dads out there all over the world, as NMR presents the “5 Best Videos of Fatherly Advice.”

5. Chris Rock Explains The ONLY Rule For Fatherhood

This video has stuck with me for a long time, and it still seems like the only ironclad rule to being a successful father figure. For those who are at work and can’t play the clip, just know that Chris Rock is absolutely right when he says, “There aren’t a lot of rules to being a father, but if your daughter’s a stripper, you fucked up.” Amen.

4. “How To Shake Hands”

The YouTube channel “Art of Manliness” is like an internet version of your stepdad, only with less late night backrubs. Educating people via their “old world” tutorials, they teach young people (well, men) some of the skills that you wouldn’t likely get from your mom. The videos are fairly new, but there is also one on “how to shave” and coming soon, “how to fire a gun.” Damn, that’s manly.

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