Happy Dad’s Day: The 5 Best YouTube Videos of Fatherly Advice [VIDEOS]

3. Russian Father Educates His Young Daughter About Car Crashes As One Happens

This video is actually sort of touching as the father dangerously drives too slowly down the highway, vehicles passing him on both sides as he educates his daughter, in Russian, about the perils of driving, and what happens in a crash. As if to punctuate his message, a motorcyclist goes screaming past him, swerving across lanes and then wrecks out. The daughter gets the point nicely.

2. Angry Grampa Teaches Lesson About What Kind of Dad Not to Be

Just as important as giving fatherly advice is giving fatherly un-advice — as in “Do not follow this path in life.” I initially wanted the “David Hasselhoff drunkenly eating a cheeseburger” vid or the infamous “Too Short video in which he advocates boys on how to turn little girls into hos” but both have been yanked offline. And so we are left with this guy, Charles Green, angry about his wife giving the roast to the cat. While he is justified (fucking cat), he’s since gone on to make a series of videos full of fake rage, just like that “gingers do have souls” kid. Kids, do not do this.

1. “You Are … NOT the Father”

What better advice can a father give their son than: “Harness the pygmy man before entering the bearded clam”? The only thing better than not being a bad dad, is to not be a father at all. And there is probably no better example of NOT being a father than a compilation from the Maury Povich show of guys finding out that they indeed are free and clear.

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