Hilarious ‘Star Wars’ Elevator Prank, Um, Forces You To Laugh [VIDEO]

This anecdote sums the whole “Star Wars thing” up nicely: I had a buddy who LOVED “Star Wars” — knew all the trivia, had a “Boba Fett”-inspired tattoo and pretty much every collectible George Lucas ever merchandised. He wanted so badly for “Star Wars” to be real and for Darth Vader to be HIS father. And then he lost his virginity. Shortly thereafter, he sold all his “Star Wars” crap on eBay because he was “over it.”

This “Star Wars”-inspired prank is quite simple and fun, but like most internet things, it’s fun because it isn’t happening to you. Imagine being stuck in an elevator with someone who seemingly has the power to control the doors — and they won’t let them go. At first, you’d be like “Oh wow,” but then pretty quickly, you’d be like, “Fuck, if this guy can control the elevator with his mind, he could probably use his telekinetic energy to destroy me … I’d better give him my wallet before I inadvertently make him angry.” And then, pretty soon, he’s using his “mind powers” to make you buy him drinks and take him back to your place for rough sex. Let’s just say I don’t go into elevators anymore.

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