How Are YouTube Partners Using Instagram Video?: Top Creators’ First Uploads


Like a gift from the heavens, Instagram video is here. Can we all agree that it will shepherd in the greatest era of human expression since the Renaissance?

As we all make the mad dash to post our first Instagram videos, we’ll be looking towards YouTube creators to see what they can cook up with this brand new video tool. These are the men and women who revolutionized video content, after all — can we expect anything less but blinding brilliance from their Instagram videos? I think not.

Below, you’ll find the first Instagram videos of YouTube’s best and brightest. Gaze upon them and know enlightenment, dear reader.

Epic Rap Battles Of History

ERBWatch It Here

Philip DeFranco


Watch It Here



Watch It Here

Michelle  Phan


Watch It Here

Steve Zaragoza of SourceFed


Watch It Here


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