‘How Not to Defend Atheism’ Pits Screaming Lunatic Against World [VIDEO]

How sweet is it that I take crap from people calling me anti-atheist and then this terrific video of a screaming mad man comes sailing along called “How Not to Defend Atheism.”

Atheism catches a bad rap these days, and with examples like this video, it’s not hard to see why. It’s a shame — a lot of very intelligent and rational people are atheists, but unfortunately, it only seems like the stuff from the loonies goes viral … wait a minute, could it be that the same problem holds true for Christians and Republicans and every other sect and group? This guy is essentially the Westboro Baptist Church of atheists, giving everyone else a bad name. I can’t believe that this is the last we’ll hear of this guy either … somebody this hilariously frothing doesn’t just dip back into the shadows. No, my guess is we’ll see him cagefighting the “Amber Lamps” guy in a Fox special while Kai the Murdering Hitchhiker referees.

It’s good to see the spirit of protest is still alive at U.C. Berkeley, even if the nut isn’t even a student. The video’s long, but stick around until he starts threatening the cops.

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