‘How to Survive A Zombie Apocalypse’ Trilogy Might Actually Get You Killed [INTERVIEW]

There’s an old meme on the internet that goes, “Look to your left — the first thing you see is your weapon in the zombie apocalypse.” Apparently when “How to Survive A Zombie Apocalypse” trilogy creator Vedran Marjsnovic Wekster looked to his left, he saw a bicycle seat.

Wielding the unlikely tool like a dagger, a baseball bat and a hammer, our heroes outlast and outmaneuver the undead as the rest of society crumbles, explodes or outright gets eaten in this impressively funny and well-made miniseries. With the third and final video just recently released, we finally get to see not only the heroes united at last, but also, how they came to meet up in the first place — a neat little zombie-filled treat.

While the YouTube comedy/horror (horcom? comhor? hormedy?) was originally filmed back east (as in Eastern Europe) and the accent is noticeable in our narrator’s speech, I think that we can all agree that zombies — and the killing of them — have an international appeal.

Since Wekster’s videos speak pretty well for themselves, I didn’t have to go too deep to pick his juicy, succulent brain …

Why is a bicycle seat the best weapon to have in a zombie apocalypse?

Bicycle seat is maybe not the best weapon in the world but it is very usable because it’s quiet, you don’t have to reload it and you can find one of those everywhere.

Did you have a clear vision for the entire trilogy or just make them up as you went along?

We made the first one and it got viral in Croatia (published also on Devour and MSN) so we needed to start making sequel. During the making of the second part I already knew that the third part (if we would make one) will be the last. Connecting first two with the third one was something that I really wanted to make just like that opening shot with two bicycle seats.

What is your number one best tip for surviving a zombie apocalypse?

Get a boat — zombies can’t swim. But bring few bicycle seats just in case.

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