‘Human Barbie’ YouTuber Addresses Controversial ‘Living Doll’ Plastic Surgery Rumors [INTERVIEW]


Nicknamed the “Human Barbie,” Ukranian YouTuber Valerie Lukyanova has become an internet sensation due to her Barbie doll appearance and her controversial remarks on how she got them. Crediting good genes and a professional makeup routine, the 22-year-old denies ever receiving cosmetic surgery for anything other than breast implants. But after watching her YouTube videos and scrolling through her modeling photos, it’s difficult to believe that makeup and contact lenses are the only things responsible for Valerie’s plastic appearance.

While Valerie shared she believes true beauty comes from the inside, her overdone appearance seems to tell a different story as critics condemn her as a negative role model for young girls. In the past year, major campaigns such as the Dove Real Body have spoken out against Photoshop and encouraged women not to be dictated by the one-size-fits-all mold of beauty seen in Hollywood. But Valerie stands by her words: no plastic surgery. In an English-language email interview with NMR, Valerie shared why the rumors of plastic surgery are so unbelievable and her advice for women suffering from negative body image.


You’ve become known on the internet for your “Barbie-like appearance” — why did you decide to undergo plastic surgery to change your appearance?

Valerie Lukyonova: That is what is written about me in the internet is not true. I never wanted to be like the doll. I love myself too much to imitate someone, especially a piece of plastic. Imitate someone or can only stupid and primitive people. I admire myself, and myself very much. So I never did imitate. That would be beneath my dignity. No plastic surgery I did not do, with the exception of breast enlargement.

What response do you have for critics who believe your plastic surgery was too radical?

I am not against plastic surgery. But the nature of my appearance, because all the people in my family, very beautiful! It’s a genetic trait of my family.

What plastic surgery procedures have you undergone?

Breast augmentation. But everything else is a sport massage, healthy living and professional makeup.


What do your days consist of?

I do music, sports, reading and meditating. Devote most of their time and energy to spiritual development techniques.

What comments do you have for girls suffering from body image problems?

Comparison with a doll for me to just insulting. I am very beautiful, but do not have anything to do with Barbie! I’m just very much like myself, so I am pleased to take care of yourself and feminine dress.

What comments do you have for girls suffering from body image problems?

One has to begin to love yourself and eat right, think positively.

How do you use YouTube to promote your image?

YouTube for my fans, so that I could bring them to the right information.

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