Is JonTron and Egoraptor’s Breakup The End of ‘Game Grumps’? Fans Sound Off on Social Media


After creating more than 600 videos and amassing nearly 200 million views and 1 million plus subscribers, gamers JonTron and Egoraptor are calling it a day.

According to Kotaku, JonTron from the YouTube group “Game Grumps,” which focuses on two guys playing modern and classic video games together while throwing insults at each other, is calling it quits because he wants to focus on his own YouTube projects. Danny from comedy band NinjaSexParty will take over from JonTron. The channel also announced that Danny will also star in a similar spin-off series called “Steam Train” with RubberRoss.


It is unclear as to why JonTron and Egoraptor have broken up, and in the subreddit for “Game Grumps,” one Redditor expressed disappointment rather than anger over the decision: “I’m honestly finding myself to be much more concerned about the guys themselves than the actual show. I just don’t like seeing people I’m fond of go down a bad road, or have bad things happen to them, so I’m genuinely hoping that nothing bad happened to or between Jon and Arin.”

Many loyal fans of JonTron and Egoraptor have posted on their YouTube page as well as their individual videos to express their anger about the changes. Many talked about JonTron’s unfortunate departure, but a few saw the new guy Danny and his spin-off series “Steam Train” as inferior to “Game Grumps.” They cite a lack of chemistry between Egoraptor and Danny as a reason to be upset about the end of “Game Grumps” as they know it.

One fan said he wouldn’t give a chance to Danny: “People, saying ‘Give it a chance’ doesn’t mean anything. There have been two episodes with the new people, and people aren’t liking them. Danny’s transition was too sudden, Arin feels forced, and the third one is just annoying. Game Grumps is Arin and Jon. Replacing Abbot with a guy named Tony wouldn’t make it New Abbot and Costello. It would make it Tony and Costello.”

Others didn’t like the way “Game Grumps” brought in “Steam Train” out of the blue: “I’m upset because we get this instead of our second grumps each day. Not because Jon left, also the first episode is awful, and they would probably make the first episode the best to give a good first impression.”

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