Is WorldStarHipHop Preying on YouTubers? Stevenjotv Thinks So …


But then, checking the analytics, Steven Jo noted that the actual analytics on Google Dashboard for his “Go Dum” video were lower — much, much, much lower. Instead of the 4 million+ views he thought he’d achieved via WSHH, his total views for the video on WSHH were actually more in the range of 7,964. Which means, that to advertise his video, instead of the 1,000 views per $1 spent that Steven hoped he was spending, Steven Jo had actually paid approximately $2.00 per view — essentially one of the worst advertising deals of all time.


When a member of Steven’s camp reached out to WSHH to inquire about a refund, they received the written reply: “Sorry we don’t do refunds. We never said how many views your video will get & you brought the big box at top of our site for exposure. The 4 million views comes from page views of how many people come to the site that day. Not actually clicking on the video.”


“Given the fact that WSHH doesn’t advertise on their website about video placement, the only information we have to go by are the views shown on their site, which I do agree is 100 percent misleading,” Steven says. Especially considering that “total views” displayed for another WSHH poster, Steven Jo’s protege, Mario, do not appear to reflect the same 4 million views that the site produces in a day, but rather the much, much, much lower “total view count” of 28,715. Mario’s actual views on the video, via his Google Dashboard, show that WSHH accounted for only 93 clicks.

Granted, WSHH doesn’t guarantee views, and as such, isn’t doing anything against the law, so there is a certain “caveat emptor” (buyer beware) surrounding every purchase, but something still doesn’t seem right. We reached out to WSHH, explaining the situation, to which they replied (via email), “Yes that is right. Does not mean that many people clicked on it. We charge 4,000 for cinematic placement. Biggest spot for exposure. The amount of views does not mean that many people clicked or watched it on (sic). Its (sic) expressions of people visiting the front page. If your (sic) going by 28,175 from youtube numbers (sic) that’s not accurate. Their (sic) has been issues with youtube reflecting all the views to show who clicked on it” (sic).

With potential legal options hazy at best, for the time being Steven has learned his lesson about advertising and promoting. “I think this serves as a good lesson that paying for any type of placement isn’t really worth it. I think if I can continue to improve my content, the quality of it will find the audience organically.”

Hopefully it’s a lesson he learned so that other YouTubers don’t have to.

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