UPDATE: It’s A Kiki: Vlogger Tyler Oakley Celebrates 1 Million Subscribers

[UPDATE 12:45 p.m. PT] As a thank you to his 1 million subscribers, Tyler Oakley released a “Draw My Life” video giving them a glimpse into his life story.

When I talked to Tyler Oakley this month about what he planned on doing once he reached one million subscribers, he said to me that he was going to have a “kiki” and added: “I just set up camp, get a whole bunch of bottles of wine, order Chinese, stay online for like five hours, four hours.” Even with the hard work he puts out on YouTube, the guy doesn’t have plans to rest on his laurels.

Now that moment has arrived. Fans of the biggest “professional fangirl” on YouTube can start the kiki because Oakley has just reached the one million subscriber mark. That means a million viewers and their friends are regularly watching Oakley obsess over Zayn Malik of One Direction, teaching his fellow YouTubers gay slang and of course, showing off his newly decorated apartment.

Oakley has been vlogging since 2007, when he was a student at Michigan State University and made videos to update family and friends about his life in college. Recently, the vlogger made a cameo appearance in the intro video to Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Show performance.

The vlogger is expected to release a “thank you” video to his fans sometime today. Congratulations Tyler for reaching this awesome milestone!

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