Japanese Bloggers Troll Google Street View With Nightmare-Inducing Pigeon Masks

Japanese culture as viewed by Westerners is shrouded by a thick, thick fog of weirdness. How can anyone blame us gaijin though? Between frog sushi, hacker cats and whatever is going on here, Japan seems like an “Alice In Wonderland”-style bizarro world filled with our worst nightmares/most titillating fantasies.

It’s time to add yet another addition to our western catalog of Japanese strangeness — this time, courtesy of Google Street View.

Upon hearing that the rolling mockery of personal privacy (also known as the Google Street View car) was headed their direction, bloggers from Japanese site Daily Portal Z decided to troll Google in the greatest possible fashion.

Donning masks to turn themselves into “human pigeons,” the DPZ crew can be seen here sticking it to Google Street View, Japanese-style.


This isn’t the DPZ gang’s first foray into pigeon-mask-wearing shenanigans according to Kotaku; DPZ published an article last February that was pretty much dedicated to pigeon masks. We’re not 100% sure though, as Google Translate worked out this gem:

“When I became a dove in various places for joy, it has been found that surprising. Or be a satire inadvertently when it comes to pigeon in the city, Hatohakku such as that women are more faces.I’m writing that suggestive, but purpose of this paper is ‘glad to buy mask of pigeon’.”

There you have it.




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