Japanese Frog Sushi Video Will Give You And Everyone You Love Nightmares [GRAPHIC]

Usually within a couple minutes of meeting people, they know two things about me: I hate eggs and I HATE seafood. Well, you can now add freshly-gutted frog sushi to that list.

A Japanese delicacy called ike zukuri, for this frog sushi dish we get a closeup video of a bullfrog who looks straight out of Disney central casting — like this little mofo is probably a prince who has been cursed by a witch or something. You want to kiss him just to make sure he’s not, is what I’m saying.

And then, as the world’s saddest music plays, our frog prince is disemboweled (seppuku?) and set on a plate of ice, surrounded by his guts, so he can stare at you, still blinking, as you eat him. Not surprisingly, people have a problem with this video, but that hasn’t stopped it from going over a million views.

So far, a petition to ban the practice of eating a frog’s guts in front of it (as a practice at large — it’s too late to save this little guy) has garnered 5,000 signatures. I strongly dislike PETA (it’s no seafood, but it still sucks), but how has everyone who has viewed this video not signed that petition?

Poor little guy, he deserves a good Southern Christian death of being blown up by firecrackers at least …

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